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Our Services

We doing a kitchen cleaning, dinning room cleaning details, buildings, schools, offices and Shopping Center, gyms, dental offices, and all facilities that need Fresca Janitorial Services.

We cover all bay area and we do big and small job. Just call now at 650.720.0015



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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We do a deep and regular cleaning

  • Mats de-greased and placed back properly
  • Lights Fixtures properly cleaned
  • Walls wiped and degreased
  • Waste removed and placed in proper bins
  • Waste baskets washed and relined

Commercial Services

We do a professional services with good eyes control

  • Stovetops properly degreased
  • Ovens degreased inside and out
  • Salamander degreased and cleaned inside and out
  • Tools, chemicals and towels put away
  • Ranges relined with foil

Restaurants and Bars Cleaning

We do hood Polished and deep cleaning grill stove

  • Frying machine (empty)
  • Baseboards wiped
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • High dusting
  • Walls and partitions wiped
  • Window spot checked
  • Glass Doors washed
  • Floor drains bleached
  • Sanitize door knobs

General Services

Carpet Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Power Washing

Supervising Team

Custodian 8 hours a day

Scrubbing Floor

Deep Cleaning

High Dusting

Parking Lot Washing


What's Included

  • Professional Services
  • Quality Control
  • Team work with special skills

How it Works

  • We do a cleaning mostly night time
  • We walk after one weeks and see improvements items
  • We do a list of the client request

What's to Expect

  • Quality Services
  • Good Price
  • Cleaning on time

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